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Social Media & Future Of This Business

Why Businesses Can’t Survive Without Social Media

I’m talking, of course, about social media. Facebook (FB, +2.40%), Twitter (TWTR, +4.19%), Instagram, LinkedIn (LNKD), and other networks are fundamentally changing how we reach and interact with customers, offer products and services, communicate with employees and — in a nutshell — do business. Social media is the next wave of the digital transformation that started with the web. And its bottom-line impact is proving just as huge. For businesses today, the best way to keep your company successful, in my estimation, is to fully embrace social media. Not incorporating Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels into your strategy in 2015 is roughly the equivalent of insisting the web was just a fad a decade or so ago: backward-looking, blinkered, and above all, a serious business liability.

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