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Is As Easy As 123 With Beezer!

How do I install a Beezer App Step By Step!


Installing a Beezer app varies depending upon the mobile device and web browser you are using.

To install the app you must click the link to the Beezer app you have received. 

For example, you may click the link to as a result of receiving an SMS or e-mail or by viewing a link from a social media channel.

The app will open in your mobile phones default web browser.


On Android (using Chrome browser) Steps 1 Through 4


Step 1.

You will be prompted to Allow or Block Push Notifications then you will be asked to install the app by clicking the banner popup at the bottom of the screen. 

Beezer 1.png

Step 2
After clicking the 'Add to Home screen' link you then press add.  (If you have dismissed the prompt you can add manually by choosing Add to Home Screen from the Settings menu of the browser).


Step 3
Allowing or blocking notifications

beezer 3.png

Step 4
App is installed to the Home Screen and a dot will appear showing new notifications have been sent. Now Have FUN!

beezer 4.png

On iPhone (using Safari browser) Steps 1 Through 6


Step 1

You will see the app in the browser and a popup to Install the app and 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN' will appear at the bottom of the screen.

beezer 5.png

Step 2
When you click the blue "ADD TO HOME SCREEN" button you will then see instructions for how to add to the home screen on iOS

beezer 6.png

Step 3
Tap the relevant icon then press the Add to Home Screen icon (note you may need to scroll down to see the + Icon).

beezer 7.PNG

Step 4
Next click 'Add to Home Screen'

beezer 8.png

Step 5
You can then click 'Add' in the top of the screen to complete the Install process.  Your Progressive Web App will now be accessible from the home screen of your iOS device.

beezer 9.png

Step 6
Once launched from your home screen you will see your app in 'full screen' mode without any navigation bar or browser options. Now Have FUN! 

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